Dark Matter: Saving The Universe From Extinction..By Hank Curci, SCIFI Author

July 25, 2016


Mysterious Dark Matter.


Story Synopsis

The Universe Is Expanding At Great Speeds.

SCIFI author Hank Curci who holds a Master’s Degree in Mathematics from Stanford University, looks at the mysterious DARK MATTER.

DARK MATTER is found throughout the Milky Way Galaxy and the Universe at large.

What is it, can it save the Universe from extinction.

We do not know what DARK MATTER is we can only see its GRAVITATIONAL effects when measuring the rotational velocity of the Milky Way Galaxy.

This galactic rotation value is incorrect when only the visible stars are used, hence there is something else contributing to the mass of the milky way galaxy and that  SOMETHING is labeled DARK MATTER of which we have no idea what it is.

NOTE: There is also something called DARK ENERGY which is not to be confused with DARK MATTER…

Dark matter does not absorb substantial electromagnetic radiation at any wavelength.

The question remains: All the stars and galaxies in the universe are flying away from each other at great speeds…will there be enough gravity to stop this expansion or will the universe continue to expand for ever and finally die having no more life-giving stars and galaxies.

Astrophysicist are asking if the mass of the dark matter will step in and stop the expansion recollecting the cosmos in to another big bang….it may take 50 billion years to find out the fate of the Universe.

However, if our Universe is just one of millions of other Universes, as some scientist speculate, then it really doesn’t mater if we lose an occasional hundred millions galaxies and trillions of stars it just keeps going on and on forever…Maybe…



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Gift Of Life From Synthetic Genetics: No One Wants the Natural Heart If It Will Kill You..By Hank Curci..SCIFI Author..

July 24, 2016



From Synthetic Genetics




No One Wants the Natural Heart If It Will Kill You.

HANK CURCI popular SCIFI author, takes us to the future of Planet Earth, the extinction of the human being and the future of the universe.

Hank shows in his “Roman Honeymoon, Circa 3000AD” http://goo.gl/D6LQfH short story, that early in the development of intelligent beings such as humans, synthetic genetics gets invented to replace worn out natural organs in an attempt to improve the quality and longevity of life.

This artificial DNA continues until all natural human beings are replaced by long-lasting computer generated bodies thus leading to self-induced extinction.

Life is now prolonged indefinitely and words like sickness and death have been lost and are unknown…

No One Wants the Natural Heart If It Will Kill You..

Read More..https://goo.gl/jRRjOs

End Story Synopsis



Our Wonderful Gift Of Life…A Chance To See The Universe…By Hank Curci, SCIFI Author..

July 22, 2016

Our Wonderful Gift Of Life…


Turn on speakers:



We grow older and begin to realize we have been given this wonderful gift of life.

A chance to see our beautiful home Planet Earth and a chance to see the great Universe.

The Universe that gave us this life and we step back and say:

What is this magical thing we call life..

I can see, I can think, I have the power to make another life a new child how humbling..



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We belong To The Earth, The Earth Does Not Belong To Us.. By Hank Curci, SCIFI Author..

July 8, 2016

 Hank Curci has just finished a wonderful time machine 70,000 word young adult novel starting in San Francisco then to ancient Rome back to San Francisco and then to the future 3,000 years to the year 3000AD.

The following Ebook is on introductory offer for $1.99 but this wont last much longer so  now is the time to buy.

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A Wonderful Recipe For Intergalactic Apple Pie..A Cosmic Treat… By Hank Curci, MS Mathematics, Stanford.

July 2, 2016


Before You Can Make An Apple Pie..

You Must First Invent The Universe..

The Late Carl Sagan…


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Planet Earth Apple Pie, A Gift From Universe Extraordinaire..



The sun fires of it’s nuclear furnace and after some four billion years of evolution we find humans, tigers, whales and Apple Pies.


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Found Outer Space Transmission Of Earth’s Whale Songs. By Hank Curci, SCIFI Author

July 1, 2016


Outer Space Transmission Of Earth’s Whale Songs.


Signal Believed To Have Been Sent From Star Cluster Centauri NGC5139..17,000 light years away.


Story Synopsis

Outer Space Whale Songs..

Further, WHALE SONG signal Believed to Have Been Sent By Spacenoodles Outer Space Character Named Silicon Sally.

Sally lives in the beautiful Centauri Globular Star Cluster 17,000 Light Years away and she can be found in Hank Curci’s Outer Space Greeting Cards at:


Sally’s Electronic language has evolved along the same evolutionary path as Earthly whales and dolphins.

These Planet Earth marine mammals use the sonic properties of water to carry their language of squeaks and whistles.

Silicon Sally uses surrounding magnetic energy field to electronically transmit her telepathic pulses she uses to communicate with her species.

Silicon Sally‘s electronically transmitted telepathic pulses are on the same frequency as the Earthly Whales squeaks and whistles.

NOTE: The Outer Space Whale Songs are coming from a star cluster that is 17,000 light years away, hence it takes 17,000 years for the signals to reach Planet Earth.

Click On Picture To See Silicon Sally and all of Hank Curci’s Spacenoodles Characters that he has evolved.

Hank Curci signs his Outer Space Greeting Cards Enrico his name in Italian.. his surname is Henry and Enrico is Henry in Italian.. Hank Curci’s family is from Northern Italy.



End Story Synopsis




Universe Recycling Intergalactic Life Back Into Star Dust… By Hank Curci Senior Aerospace Engineer

June 28, 2016


Recycling Intergalactic Life Back In To Stardust..


Read More, Click On Link



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To Live Again: Earth Like DNA Found In Outer Space… Part II..By Hank Curci

June 25, 2016



Earth Like DNA Found In Outer Space..


Little Green People And Their Outer Space Star Cluster Family Skip Hopping From Star To Star To Continue Evolution Of Life.

Click On Picture Of Outer Space Little Green Lady..







To Live Again..

Little Green Lady And Her People Got A Second Chance At Life By Skip Hopping To A New Star Whose Life Is Just Beginning.

Star Cluster NGC5139 Has Close Star Formations of three million stars that are two to five light years apart, offering the best chance for evolved life to skip hop to a New Star System that is just beginning life as the old star burns out…

In addition, planetary systems that once contained organic life and were destroyed by their sun going nova will have DNA randomly exploded into interstellar space.

This DNA that has been traveling for millions of years in space will randomly collect into comets and then bombard various planets some with the ability to evolve organic life.

Some believe our own Planet Earth’s DNA came from outer space randomly collected in comets striking the early developing Earth.

Hence we may be the children of a long lost society who lived millions of years ago somewhere in the infinite cosmos..and the mystery of life continues..how cool is that..  

Little Green Lady And Her Family From Deep Space Star Cluster Now Live On A New Planet Orbiting a new young star whose life span will be eight billion years.

See Little Green Lady and Her People Plus Hank Curci’s Other Characters He Has Evolved In this Great Star Cluster NGC5139..they are found in Hank Curci’s FREE Outer Space Greeting Cards at:


End Story Synopsis


shopLarge II


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Alone In A Gilded Cage Is Still Alone…Find Someone To Love…By Hank Curci, SCIFI Author

June 24, 2016




Click On Sally’s Picture:

To Send This Love and Caring Free Outer Space Greeting Card..



Find Someone To Love Is Also In…

Hank Curci’s Children’s Outer Space Coloring Books.

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Angel & flower


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Speed Of Light: Criminals Escaping In To The Future..By Hank Curci SCIFI Author.

June 23, 2016


Criminals Escaping  In To The Future..



Making A Mess Out Of  The Future’s Time Line..

Exceeding the speed of light will bring you to some point in the future when ever we learn how to fly faster than the speed of light which is just a matter of time.

The Star Trek Crew Going On A Six Weeks Training  Cruise On The Star ship Enterprise At Warp Three ( three times The speed of light ) Will Come Back To Planet Earth A Thousand Years In To Their Future …This Is Not SCIFI.

The past will be dumping their unwanted stuff in to the future.

It’s like having Jack The Ripper of Victorian London running wild in modern New York City or Genghis Kahn’s Mongolian Hoards sweeping across the US plains of Nebraska.

Some Temporal control will need to be installed supervised by Time Traveling Police.

All intelligent life will be converted to Synthetic Genetics by then…The Human Being Will Be Extinct.

This  means we can now give birth to a T-Rex with Einstein’s Brain and Attila The Hun’s disposition and when that gets out of control simply send it to the future and let them deal with it..





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