Space/Time Continuum Time Machine Thriller to Ancient Rome.. By Hank Curci, SCIFI Auhor

August 21, 2016


Racing A Modern Day Jaguar Sports Car In The Ancient Roman Chariot Races..

Circa 79AD..

 Jaguar with wreath



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Rome Circa 79AD

Children’s Outer Space Coloring Book.. Intergalactic Adventures… By Hank Curci, SCIFI Author..

August 16, 2016

Children’s Outer Space Coloring Book:

Click On Little Green Lady From Outer Space.





Hank Curci’s Dynamic Samaria Japanese Jazz, A Musical Time Warp Circa Medieval Japan 1600AD

August 16, 2016


Samaria Japanese Jazz

A Musical Time Warp Circa Medieval Japan 1600AD


Click On Picture To Preview This Dynamic Samaria Composition.

By Hank Curci International Recording Pianist.


“Japanese Jazz”…now being featured on the world wide radio networks.

Hank calls this unique sound his Samaria chord structure backed up by haunting  Japanese old country wood wind flutes. …




WHEN YOU WISH UPON A STAR…Careful What You Wish For..By Hank Curci, SCIFI Author

August 9, 2016

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star…








Hank Curci’s Wonderful Outer Space Online Store…

An Intergalactic Adventure for all family…


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Did Our DNA Life On Planet Earth Come From Outer Space…The Question Is Not SCIFI…By Hank Curci,SCIFI Author

August 1, 2016

DNA Molecules Exploding Into Interstellar Space Creating New Intergalactic Life..


Deep Space Star Going Nova Destroying Planetary Life..




Story Synopsis

Exploding Interplanetary DNA

Seventeen Thousand years ago we find the weaker of two binary stars has gone nova in the Centauri Globular Star Cluster NGC5139 scattering planetary debris in all directions of the Delta Prime sector of this beautiful star cluster of 3,000,000 stars.

One of the four planets in this binary system is the Little Green Planet home to a race of people who are intelligent plant life and their affectionate name is Little Green People ( LGP). 

Their planet destroyed, they are no more and a whole race of people has just been wiped out, rendered to extinction by cosmic violence…but wait.. maybe not. 

Their DNA, winging across the void of interstellar space for thousands of years, has now randomly landed on, New Terra, a sister planet some six light years away. 

Some of the debris from this exploding binary star has gone in to orbit about planet New Terra forming a moon. 

This newly formed moon is helping to bring up necessary nutrients, with it’s strong gravitational attraction, from deep in New Terra’s planetary crust….

The question is.. did this same thing happen to Planet Earth? 

Did our DNA come from Outer Space? 



See Hank Curci’s fun Intergalactic online store at:





Synthetic Genetics: The world as we know it will be gone forever.. By Hank Curci.. SCIFI Author..

July 30, 2016


Synthetic Genetics:

The Gift of Life..

The world as we know it will be gone forever..

Repair a heart with computer mouse, look 21 for hundreds of years, not SCIFI anymore.

Click on Hank Curci’s exciting new 70,000 word novel book cover.. a trip in to the Future..

New Caesars Cover [568605]


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Space/Time Continuum..

Dark Matter: Saving The Universe From Extinction..By Hank Curci, SCIFI Author

July 25, 2016


Mysterious Dark Matter.


Story Synopsis

The Universe Is Expanding At Great Speeds.

SCIFI author Hank Curci who holds a Master’s Degree in Mathematics from Stanford University, looks at the mysterious DARK MATTER.

DARK MATTER is found throughout the Milky Way Galaxy and the Universe at large.

What is it, can it save the Universe from extinction.

We do not know what DARK MATTER is we can only see its GRAVITATIONAL effects when measuring the rotational velocity of the Milky Way Galaxy.

This galactic rotation value is incorrect when only the visible stars are used, hence there is something else contributing to the mass of the milky way galaxy and that  SOMETHING is labeled DARK MATTER of which we have no idea what it is.

NOTE: There is also something called DARK ENERGY which is not to be confused with DARK MATTER…

Dark matter does not absorb substantial electromagnetic radiation at any wavelength.

The question remains: All the stars and galaxies in the universe are flying away from each other at great speeds…will there be enough gravity to stop this expansion or will the universe continue to expand for ever and finally die having no more life-giving stars and galaxies.

Astrophysicist are asking if the mass of the dark matter will step in and stop the expansion recollecting the cosmos in to another big bang….it may take 50 billion years to find out the fate of the Universe.

However, if our Universe is just one of millions of other Universes, as some scientist speculate, then it really doesn’t mater if we lose an occasional hundred millions galaxies and trillions of stars it just keeps going on and on forever…Maybe…



Outer Space Online Store:

Click On Coloring Book Cover..





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Deep Space Star Cluster

Gift Of Life From Synthetic Genetics: No One Wants the Natural Heart If It Will Kill You..By Hank Curci..SCIFI Author..

July 24, 2016



From Synthetic Genetics




No One Wants the Natural Heart If It Will Kill You.

HANK CURCI popular SCIFI author, takes us to the future of Planet Earth, the extinction of the human being and the future of the universe.

Hank shows in his “Roman Honeymoon, Circa 3000AD” short story, that early in the development of intelligent beings such as humans, synthetic genetics gets invented to replace worn out natural organs in an attempt to improve the quality and longevity of life.

This artificial DNA continues until all natural human beings are replaced by long-lasting computer generated bodies thus leading to self-induced extinction.

Life is now prolonged indefinitely and words like sickness and death have been lost and are unknown…

No One Wants the Natural Heart If It Will Kill You..

Read More..

End Story Synopsis



Our Wonderful Gift Of Life…A Chance To See The Universe…By Hank Curci, SCIFI Author..

July 22, 2016

Our Wonderful Gift Of Life…


Turn on speakers:


We grow older and begin to realize we have been given this wonderful gift of life.

A chance to see our beautiful home Planet Earth and a chance to see the great Universe.

The Universe that gave us this life and we step back and say:

What is this magical thing we call life..

I can see, I can think, I have the power to make another life a new child how humbling..



A great Outer Space Online Store..


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We belong To The Earth, The Earth Does Not Belong To Us.. By Hank Curci, SCIFI Author..

July 8, 2016

 Hank Curci has just finished a wonderful time machine 70,000 word young adult novel starting in San Francisco then to ancient Rome back to San Francisco and then to the future 3,000 years to the year 3000AD.

The following Ebook is on introductory offer for $1.99 but this wont last much longer so  now is the time to buy.

Click on book cover for exciting synopsis ..


New Caesars Cover [568605]

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