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Hank Curci Writes…Multiple Big Bangs, Creating Multiple Universes..New Living DNA, New Physical Laws.

July 4, 2017



By Hank Curci


Creating Multiple Universes

At one time SCIFI writers always had a field day creating Parallel Universes.

Neighboring Universes with Green Monsters showing up destroying Mother Earth and all her evolved life including humans.

This notion of multiple big bangs was thought to be an absurd fantasy and there was only one big bang and before it there was nothing….

This is changing.

The current belief is now leaning towards multiple big bangs that will last for many billions of years then slowly begin to contract back in to one small energy packet.

This energy packet then explodes once again creating yet another Big Bang and another Universe where our current big bang is only one of billions of Big Bangs.

This multiple Big Bang process goes on forever each time creating a whole new universe .

Each time a  new universe is created a whole new set of physical laws is also created with it.

Physical Laws of which we in this Universe would have no idea what they are .

For Example, another universe may not have gravity where all matter is stuck together with electromagnetic energy and not gravity.

This all leads to having millions of universes that are all closed systems called bubbles.

Further, it is now thought that these bubbles crash into one another causing devastating destruction and we now think there is evidence showing cosmic scars from crashing universe bubbles.

Click on Picture to see Hank Curci’s Life he has created that evolved in the great Centauri Star Cluster..some of this life may have come from a neighboring Universe with passage through a local worm hole…

Click On Picture To See Outer Space Family Possibly From Neighboring Universe.







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