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Time Machine Adventure To Ancient Rome: Space/Time Continuum…Time Line Paradox…By Hank Curci, SCIFI Author.

November 26, 2015


Time Line Paradox..


Reading A Book By Someone Who Never Existed.



Space/Time Continuum..

The Place is Ancient Rome, The Time is 79AD, Location is Circus Maximus Chariot Races…

Action Is Racing A Modern Day, 1963, Jaguar Sports Car in the Ancient Roman Chariot Races… 


   By Traveling To Ancient Rome In A Time Machine, One of John Moore’s greatest concerns was disturbing the time line.

   He is about to help an Ancient Roman man, Glaucus, win a race that he probably would have not have won.

   The prize for winning the race is the hand of Caesar’s beautiful daughter Ruth in marriage.

   With his prize chariot horses poisoned by the treacherous Darius, there would have been very little chance of Glaucus winning.

   Meaning the winner of the chariot race, probably Darius, would have married Ruth and their offspring would go on to have their offspring and so on.

   By preventing these children of Darius and Ruth to even exist, John has now changed the time line meaning some things that actually happened in his  history has now been removed.     

   John Moore is now dealing with the time line paradox…a book in his twentheth century library is by Someone Who Never Existed.

   If John Moore went back in time and removed his ancestry, he would not have existed, if he would not have existed, how did he disturb his ancestry hence, time line paradox..

   Story Continues at..

Hi res Jag Lights




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A Thanksgiving Story, Saving A Life: … Little Girl Brakes Piggy Bank To Buy Baby Brother Life Saving Miracle…By Hank Curci

November 25, 2015

A Thanksgiving Piggy Bank Story

“What Goes Around Comes Around”

Saving A Life


Story Synopsis

Little Girl Took The Total Amount Of $1.12 To The  Drug Store Asking The Pharmacist To Sell Her A Miracle.

The Pharmacist Kept Ignoring Her But She Kept Asking  Insuring Him That She Has $1.12 And Can Pay For The Miracle .

Finally The Pharmacist Told the Little Girl In A Gruff Voice That He Does Not Sell Miracles And For Her To Go Home.

But She Said My Little Brother Has a Terrible Lump In His Head And He Will Die If the Lump Is Not Taken Away And My Parents Can’t Afford The Operation To Make Him Better….

Just then a man was standing in line waiting for his prescription and he said to the little girl. “what is your name” and she said “Sarah Goldsmith”.

The kindly man said to her “Well Sarah, I happen to have a miracle in my back pocket that cost exactly $1.12..Can you take me to see your little brother”

The kindly man happened to be Dr. Aubry Finestein the Chief Neural Surgeon at the University Hospital.

Sarah’s Little Brother had the life thearting tumor removed from his brain for a total cost of $1.12.

The Kindly Dr. Finestein has now passed away and Sarah’s Little Brother is now 30 years old and himself a Neural Surgeon at the University Hospital.

His Name Is Dr. Jeffrey Goldsmith and his clinic is called THE SARAH GOLDSMITH CLINIC FOR CHILDREN.

To date Dr. Goldsmith has saved the lives of many underprivileged children whose brain surgery’s cost a total of $ 1.12…

He says he keeps these special $1.12 brain surgery’s in his back pocket the same as Dr Finestein did for him when he was a little boy and dying of a brain tumor.

“What Goes Around Comes Around” is not always bad for it saved the life of a little boy that in turn has saved the life of other children.

End Story Synopsis


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Children’s Wonderful Outer Space Coloring Book..Meeting Delightful Star Cluster Little Green People…Created By Hank Curci SCIFI Author

November 25, 2015

Children’s Wonderful Outer Space Coloring Book..


A popular holiday gift for children. 

Teaching children the great universe that gave them life.


Click On Coloring Book Cover..




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Hank Curci’s Terrifying Laser Breathing Dragon, Cosmic T-Rex of Outer Space…

November 24, 2015


Laser Breathing Dragons

T-Rex of Outer Space

Laser Breathing Dragons no longer have males or females but are uni-sexual life forms who live only in orbit about the Daron Star System located within the Centauri Globular Star Cluster 17,000 Light Years from Planet Earth.

This beautiful star cluster of about three million stars is the brightest cluster in Earth’s Southern Skies and is thought to be older than our own  Milky Way Galaxy.

Laser Breathing Dragons lay two fertilized eggs that are incubated by the solar wind cosmic chemistry along with local magnetic energy fields.

There are two tri-lithium crystalline fangs protruding downward from the upper jaw which generate their extremely powerful laser beam.

These fangs emit an energy stream that converts free-floating hydrogen atoms into anti-matter hydrogen atoms.

Hence causes a total energy release of high intensity when anti-matter hydrogen atoms collide with normal hydrogen atoms…similar to SCIFI Warp Engines fuel mix.

Laser Breathing Dragons are about three times larger than the largest sperm whale found on Planet Earth and they can reduce a small moon to rubble with their powerful anti-matter laser beam.

It is not known how long Laser Breathing Dragons will live since they can regenerate worn out silicon DNA cells and completely replace their entire body every twenty Earth years.

The life forms on Planet Earth are carbon atom based but the Laser Breathing Dragon is silicon atom based.

The outer skin of a Laser Breathing Dragon are solar collectors that convert sun light and heat to electrical energy thus fueling their huge bodies with about 1,000 WATS of electrical energy.

Hence, eating has no meaning to them as with most of the SPACENOODLES PEOPLE.

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NASA’s Nuclear Powered Ion Drive Plasma Space Ship…A first step in entering Star Trek’s Universe…By Hank Curci, SCIFI Author

November 24, 2015

Star Trek’s Universe…




A first Step In Becoming Star Trek’s Space Ship Enterprise…


Hank Curci creator of WWW.SPACENOODLES.COM writes…

NASA’S Nuclear Powered Ion Drive Space Ship called Prometheus will be 20 time more powerful than conventional chemical rockets and will probe deeper in to interstellar space…a first step in becoming Star Trek’s space ship Enterprise.

NASA’s primary research program for developing ION NUCLEAR PLASMA SPACE SHIP ENGINES technologies is Prometheus Nuclear Systems and Technology.





Prometheus, named for the ancient Greek god of fire and craft, has two initial objectives

1. To develop nuclear-powered propulsion systems.

2. To build Prometheus 1, a spacecraft that could conduct far-reaching, long-lasting exploration missions

Prometheus 1 would launch using conventional chemical rockets.

But once in Earth’s orbit, a nuclear electric propulsion system would propel it through space.

Nuclear electric propulsion is over 10 times more efficient than chemical rockets and produces 20 times more power than the generators used on space probes such as Voyager and Cassini or solar-powered systems like Deep Space 1 .

Coupled with traditional rocket launchers, nuclear electric propulsion would allow spacecraft to travel farther and faster and to perform in-flight course changes and precise maneuvers.

It would also carry heavier, power-hungry equipment, including precise cameras, sophisticated scientific instruments, high-speed computers and advanced communication systems.

“A nuclear electric propulsion system could propel and power at least ten times as much payload science as other systems,” said Research Engineer Steve Oleson of the NASA Glenn Research Center. “It could allow a spacecraft to beam more information back to Earth.”





Earth’s Protective Magnetic Energy Field Is Evolving…Will The Human Being Survive It..By Hank Curci, SCIFI Author.

November 24, 2015

Protective Magnetic Energy.


Will Synthetic Genetics Make Us Immune To Damaging Solar Radiation?


Story Synopsis 

In WWW.SPACENOODLES.COM free outer space greeting cards by popular SCIFI author Hank Curci, Hank discusses the sun’s damaging solar wind passing through the Earth’s protective magnetic field.

So far the Earth is winning.

Mars did not win and all life-giving atmosphere has been stripped away and hence, life did not evolve.

If we find a planet orbiting a star and it is the same size as Earth and the right distance away from it’s star it still may not be a candidate for life to begin and evolve.

Their star will be bombarding the planet with it’s solar wind.

If the planet does not have a sufficient magnetic energy field to ward off the damaging solar radiation then life as we know if would not evolve.

The planet must also have water, a large moon like ours to help grow plant  animal life and a giant planet like Jupiter near by to ward off space debris bombarding the orbiting planet.

End Story Synopsis 


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The Time Disparagement Function: The Star Trek Series We All Love Could Never Exist…By Hank Curci, SCIFI Author

November 23, 2015





If baby Jim went five times the speed of light, like popular SCIFI movies/TV, for one year he would have come back to Planet Earth some 5,000 years in to the future.

A future in to a land totally different from what he left only one year ago by his time standard…

Hence a Star Trek Academy could never exist because you would never return to point of would be a one time shot in to the future.

There is no known temporal function that would return you back to where you started.

If there were we would be able to invent a time machine and have lunch with Julius Caesar.

You would be stuck in the future forever….This Is Not SCIFI It’s Quite Real.




Free Outer Space Greeting Cards..

Click On Hank Curci’s  Little Green Lady..

NOTE: ( Enrico is Hank Curci’s Pen Name )




Hank Curci Writes: Synthetic Genetics… There Is No Life After Death Because There Is No Death.

November 22, 2015

The Human Being Is Extinct


Hank Curci Speculates Life After Death, In Year 3000AD, Is A Tachyon Electromagnetic Energy Chip.

The human being is extinct replaced by synthetic genetics. 



Hank Curci Holding A Masters Degree In Mathematics From Stanford University Is a Noted SCIFI Adventure Author And Former Senior Aerospace Engineer Lending Realism To His SCIFI Ebooks.

Hank extrapolates from what is happening now with the current advent of synthetic genetics and DNA engineering.

We see artificial internal organs being manufactured synthetically to replace worn out natural organs and Hank speculates that eventually the whole body will be synthetic in order to improve and extend life.

STEM CELL RESEARCH, currently being conducted at Stanford University and other centers, will contribute to the synthetic manufacture of human internal organs to save and prolong life.

Finally the only thing that will exist will be an electronic chip capable of duplicating every function that the human brain can do plus considerably more.

The chip will be serviced by an attending Bionuclear Mainframe Computer also of unimaginable complexity.

The attending mainframe computer will transfer life’s experiences at nanosecond speeds to the chip providing a theater of endless travel and communication with life far off in the galaxy.

Tiny nano robots that are traveling throughout the Milky Way Galaxy will send back to the mainframes streams of data on life and wonders of the cosmos that we can only imagine at this date.



Roman Honeymoon new cover



Send Universe Thank You Note For Gift Of Life..Dear Universe…By Hank Curci SCIFI Author..

November 21, 2015

Dear Universe…





Dear Universe:

Thank You For Giving Me This Wonderful Gift Of Life.

I See The Proliferation Of Stars At Night And Wonder If There Is Another Life Looking Back at Me.

But Most Of All Dear Universe, I Have The Awesome And Humbling Power To Make A New Life…How Cool Is That!

It Is The Greatest Gift I Could Ever Give A Child, The Gift Of Life.


Your Child Of The Cosmos.



Click On Little Green Lady From Outer Space To Send Thank You Card To Universe.

Send Thank you ecard to your self and ecard will go to you and outer space via wireless transmitters.


Hank Curci’s Outer Space Online Store Will Take You To Vist The Wonderful Universe That Gave Us Life.



Space/Time Continuum Ultimate Beauty Formula…Designed By Albert Einstein…Re-Formatted By Hank Curci, SCIFI Author

November 19, 2015






The Ultimate Beauty Formula…

Hank Curci (MS Mathematics Stanford) explains in simple understandable terms Einstein’s Time Disparagement Function: 

Don’t Go To The Makeup Cosmetic Counter For Your Beauty Treatment.

Get A Really Fast Scooter, Go The Speed Of Light ( 186,000 miles/second which is Around The World 7.5 Times Per Second ) for six weeks.

You Will Come Back To Earth Only Six Weeks Older.

Your Baby Sister Who Was Only 5 Years Old When You Left On Your Six Weeks Tour At The Speed Of Light Will Be A Grand Mother Of Three Grown Children With A Great Grand Child On The Way…

You Of Course Will Come Back To A World Some Fifty Years In To The Future, A World Totally Unknown To You.

This All Sounds Like SCIFI But It’s Not..It’s Quite Real..

It Was Albert Einstein Who Gave Us This Stark Realization Of Time Disparagement And You Can See His Work Below…  



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Space/Time Continuum


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