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The Gold In Your Teeth Came From Giant Stars Going Super Nova..Not Mother Earth…By Hank Curci SCIFI Author..

August 5, 2017




Your Body Is Made Up Of Intergalactic Star Stuff….

The Gold In Your Teeth Came From Outer Space Not Mother Earth…

From Giant Stars Going Super Nova..







Hank Curci, who holds a Masters Degree in Mathematics from Stanford University, Explains Giant Stars That Go Super Nova Can Make Gold.

The Dream Of Middle Ages Alchemy Wizards, Merlin Would Have Impressed King Arthur.

In his fun outer space greeting cards WWW.SPACENOODLES.COM Hank Curci shows where all elements including the gold in your teeth comes from Super Novus.

Giant Stars squeezing down hydrogen atoms in to all the Elements we see in the Chemical Periodic Table i.e. Oxygen, Gold, Silicon, Uranium….

Our powerful sun only has enough heat and pressure to make helium which is two hydrogen atoms squeezed together.

One can only imagine what incredible heat and pressure it must take to squeeze together 79 hydrogens to make gold or 238 hydrogens to make uranium.

The gold in your teeth or class ring did not come from Mother Earth but came from some giant star going Super Nova somewhere in the Milky Way Galaxy billions of years ago.



To see Hank’s fun outer space coloring books called SPACENOODLES COLORING BOOKS, log on to:



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Nuclear Particles, From Our Sun’s Solar Wind, Called Neutrinos Can Produce The Element Argon When Passing Through Chlorine Nebulae .. By Hank Curci.. SCIF Author..

August 4, 2017





Solar Wind Nuclear Particles

In WWW.SPACENOODLES.COM, free outer space greeting cards from the popular author Hank Curci, we find neutrinos made by our sun streaming towards Earth within a speed of light solar wind, the neutrinos are a result of our star, the sun’s nuclear reactor converting hydrogen atoms into helium atoms.

Neutrinos pass through all matter including moons, planetoids and stars.

On rare occasions, however, neutrinos will produce the element Argon when passing through chlorine atoms.

Hence a vat of ordinary cleaning fluid containing chlorine will have traces of argon from a neutrino sun burst, by counting the Argon levels one can determine the strength of the neutrino solar wind propagation.

In Hank Curci’s Outer Space Web Site, one of his characters named Silicon Sally has DNA  based on the element Silicon rather than carbon, as we are on Planet Earth.

Sally lives off  her star’s neutrino stream that converts in to Argon when passing through a chlorine nebulae gas cloud surrounding her home planet….

It is not known how her Silicon DNA physiology uses Argon..

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Silicon Sally and Jeb 




Hank Curci Plays Old Time Smoky Mountain Honky Tonk Religion ..”IN THE SWEET BY AND BY”.

August 3, 2017




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Hank Curci’s Bio-Nuclear Life Forms…Hyperspace Traveling To Neighboring Universe.

August 2, 2017



Hank Curci Writes Bio-Nuclear Life Forms Living Near A Black Hole Singularity…

Hyperspace Traveling Detected Possibly To A Neighboring Universe.

The Bio-Nuclear Life Forms, believed to be intelligent, move in and out of Hyperspace via a local Worm Hole.

Some believe the worm hole may lead to a Neighboring Universe whose Engineering Physics and Orbital Mechanics are not known to us.  


Click On Picture Of Bio-Nuclear Characters..

To See Outer Space Online Coloring Book.



Hank Curci has created an intelligent life form called LITTLE GREEN PEOPLE (LGP) that live in the beautiful Centauri Globular Star Cluster located some 17,000 light years from Planet Earth.


LGP, who have been evolving for millions of years, are intelligent plant life and are made of chlorophyll and receive all required energy via photosynthesis from their home star and hence, eating has no meaning to them.

LGP are magnetically charged, from the surrounding magnetic energy field, and can change the polarity of their bodies from a positive to a negative magnet at will.

This permits them to fly up to speed of 500,000 mph between local moons, planets and asteroids that are also magnetically charged generating a magnetic attraction between them selves and the planets of which they are flying to or from.

Directional control is maintained by following the intricate webbing of magnetic flux lines like an electronic freeway in outer space.


Planet Earth has these magnetic flux lines and they are called The Van Allen Radiation belts.

Log on to the following link to see Hank Curci’s Little Green People and other fascinating Spacenoodles people that he has evolved in the beautiful Centauri Globular Star Cluster, NGC5139.




Hank Curci’s Spacenoodles Online Store






The Space/Time Continuum: Warping Space And Time… Stanford Scientist Confirm Einstein’s Relativity Theory.. By Hank Curci SCIFI Author

August 2, 2017


The Space/Time Continuum


Story Synopsis

Warping Space And Time…


Hank Curci MS Mathematics Stanford University Writes that Stanford scientists announced Wednesday that they have confirmed two key predictions of Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity.

This Upholds the fundamental assumptions that guide today’s physicists about the state of the universe.

( Ref: San Francisco Chronicle )


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Living Organic Buildings With Intergalactic Molecular DNA In Planetary Orbit.. By Hank Curci, SCIFI Author..

August 1, 2017


Orbiting Living Organic Buildings..

Buildings with Intergalactic Molecular DNA

By Hank Curci..




CIRCA 3000AD..

Living Organic Buildings..

The Human Being Is Extinct..

Hank Curci Writes, Living Organic Buildings,  grown via synthetic DNA using billions of hydrogen atoms, found in a nearby nebulae.

The Organic Buildings are fed by the sun’s solar wind energy stream via photosynthesis….

This living carbon and silicon DNA based city is orbiting Planet Earth in year 3000ad…all life forms are synthetic.. the human being has become extinct via self induced extinction….

Planet Earth’s ecology has regenerated back to pre historic times …the Earth is once again biologically pristine. Click on picture to See Hank Curci’s SCIFI thriller short story ebook called


The living buildings have a hybrid DNA of both carbon and silicon and live off the sun’s Solar Wind which contains neutrinos within the electromagnetic energy stream.

There are no more people, all life forms have been reduced to a highly sophisticated electronic chip serviced by an attending main frame computer.

In order to interchange with visiting outer space life forms, the intelligent chips can make an electronic force field hologram of themselves to appear human or look like many of the new life forms that have been found through out the Milky Way Galaxy..



Click On Little Green Lady To See Her Outer Space Family Evolving In The Beautiful Centauri Star Cluster 17,000 Light Years Away From Planet Earth.


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Circa3000AD Space Time Continuum

Rich Is Not How Much You Have, Rich Is Who You Have Beside You…By Hank Curci, SCIFI Author.

July 31, 2017


Rich Is Who You Have Beside You..


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Thrilling Spacenoodles Intergalactic Adventure..

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Roman Honeymoon new cover


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Deep Space Star Cluster

Synthetic Genetics… There Is No Life After Death Because There Is No Death… By Hank Curci, SCIFI Author..

July 31, 2017


Synthetic Genetics


The Human Being Is Extinct By Year 2150AD


Hank Curci Speculates Life After Death, In Year 3000AD, Is A Tachyon Electromagnetic Energy Chip.

The human being is extinct replaced by synthetic genetics. 



A Tachyon Electromagnetic Energy Chip

Hank Curci Holding A Masters Degree In Mathematics From Stanford University Is a Noted SCIFI Adventure Author And Former Senior Aerospace Engineer Lending Realism To His SCIFI EBooks.

Hank extrapolates from what is happening now with the current advent of synthetic genetics and DNA engineering.

We see artificial internal organs being manufactured synthetically to replace worn out natural organs and Hank speculates that eventually the whole body will be synthetic in order to improve and extend life.

STEM CELL RESEARCH, currently being conducted at Stanford University and other centers, will contribute to the synthetic manufacture of human internal organs to save and prolong life.

Finally the only thing that will exist will be an electronic chip capable of duplicating every function that the human brain can do plus considerably more.

The chip will be serviced by an attending Bio-nuclear Mainframe Computer also of unimaginable complexity.

The attending mainframe computer will transfer life’s experiences at nanosecond speeds to the chip providing a theater of endless travel and communication with life far off in the galaxy.

Tiny nano robots that are traveling throughout the Milky Way Galaxy will send back to the mainframes streams of data on life and wonders of the cosmos that we can only imagine at this date.



Roman Honeymoon new cover




A SWEETHEART FORM THE PAST: What is the probably of finding your old college girlfriend after over a 1/2 century quite by accident..flip of the coin crap shoot. By Hank Curci, SCIFI Author..  

July 29, 2017




I had no idea what this was and I almost deleted it..

The email she wrote said:

Is this Hank Curci who took me to an FSU ( Florida State University ) homecoming dance in 1956 and she posted this attachment :




She said her husband had passed away and she was just curious if I were still around.

I finally figured out who she was and I answered her email and offered my condolences on the death of her husband.

We started writing to each other when I discovered that my emails to her were emotionally therapeutic and it was helping her out of the doldrums one faces after the death of a family member.

We continued to write via email for three months and finally we decided it was time to meet..

I suggested Las Vegas.. we had separate rooms.

When I knocked on her door to take her to dinner it was the first time we had seen each other in 57 years over a 1/2 century.

This is our picture below at dinner in Vegas Sept 2012.. see below.. 

She found me on the internet 2012..

She was playing the music off my album

and wondered if it was the same Hank Curci way back at FSU.

How Cool Is That !

We are now together and will be together till one of us dies.


Wonderful Children’s Outer Space Coloring Book..

Click On Outer Space Little Green Lady ..




CHEMOSYNTHESIS As Opposed To PHOTOSYNTHESIS Life Forms Evolving From An Outer Space Primordial Sea..By Hank Curci SCIFI Author.

July 28, 2017


Evolution In Outer Space Primordial Sea..


See Lawrence of Aurora and His Outer Space Belly Dancer Girl Friend, Coos Coos, In Hank Curci’s Outer Space Coloring Books

Lawrence of Aurora and Coos Coos

Lawrence of Aurora and Coos Coos..


Click On Coo Coo’s Picture For Intergalactic Online Store.





Lawrence of Aurora and Coos Coos

Lawrence of Aurora and Coos Coos.

Lawrence of Aurora and Coos Coos came from a planet whose home star is in the Centauri Globular Star Cluster located 17,000 light years from earth, where one light year is equal to 5.8 trillion miles.   

They evolved within an ecosystem which uses a process called CHEMOSYNTHESIS where carbohydrates are manufactured from carbon dioxide and water using chemical nutrients as the energy source rather than sunlight used for energy as in PHOTOSYNTHESIS

The above ecosystem was found at the bottom of their sea near volcanic hydrothermal vents.

These Vents depend on bacteria whose life functions are fueled not by a star like our sun but by simple inorganic chemicals such as hydrogen that seep up from their planet’s crust.  

It took millions of years of pain staking evolution for them to rise through their primordial sea to reach the planet’s surface.  

Somewhere along the evolutional trail, their body chemistry changed from carbon based to silicon based.

They now live off high energy solar particles which spiral inward along geomagnetic field lines.

These solar particles reach the upper atmosphere where nuclear particles collide with the molecules of atmospheric gases.  

On earth these high energy collisions produce the Northern and Southern lights called the Aurora Borealis which is the life blood for Lawrence of Aurora and Coos Coos both loving and gentle life forms.  

Even though Coos Coos gives the appearance of being female, she is actually both sexes and fertilizes her own eggs.

She will give birth to two offspring in her lifetime then her reproductive system will wither away no longer able to have children.

Lawrence of Aurora is the closest thing to a male as we know it on planet earth, however he has no reproductive capability.

No one knows how long Coos Coos and Lawrence of Aurora will live.

They can regenerate their worn out cells and always look like they are about thirty years old.

At this writing, they are known to be at least 500 Earth years old.



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