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Hank Curci’s Bio: The Creator Of Spaenoodles Free Outer Space Greeting Cards..Delightful And Humours Characters Whizzing Through The Universe..

February 19, 2017





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Living in Futuristic Orbit Circa 3000AD.. Hank Curci’s Thrilling SCIFI Ebook…

February 10, 2017






  Planet X is the most advanced society in the Centauri Globular Star Cluster, NGC5139, and is about 2,000,000 years beyond planet Earth’s development.

The Orbit Rings you see around this beautiful, Earth like, world are not rocks as in our planet Saturn, but are, in fact, spectacular gleaming cities with glamorous fashion houses, beautiful opera and theater halls, vibrant business areas and fabulous condominium living spaces with unparalleled views of their home planet below as well as the cosmos itself.

The buildings seen in orbit about Planet X are living organic structures mixed in a computer controlled chamber.

The chamber holds billions of electrons, protons and neutrons gathered from a nearby nebulae by unmanned robotic spacecraft and can manufacture most atoms found in the first one-third of the chemical periodic table.

These atoms make organic molecules which in turn combine to produce the living, orbiting buildings, which feed on their star’s solar wind neutrino stream.

The inhabitants of Planet X no longer live on the now untamed and ecologically restored surface of their world, but live in orbit around it.







From Year 3000AD

Dark Matter: Saving The Universe From Extinction.. By Hank Curci, Senior Aerospace Engineer…

January 29, 2017


Mysterious Dark Matter.


Story Synopsis

The Universe Is Expanding At Great Speeds.

SCIFI author Hank Curci who holds a Master’s Degree in Mathematics from Stanford University, looks at the mysterious DARK MATTER.

DARK MATTER is found throughout the Milky Way Galaxy and the Universe at large.

What is it, can it save the Universe from extinction.

We do not know what DARK MATTER is we can only see its GRAVITATIONAL effects when measuring the rotational velocity of the Milky Way Galaxy.

This galactic rotation value is incorrect when only the visible stars are used, hence there is something else contributing to the mass of the milky way galaxy and that  SOMETHING is labeled DARK MATTER of which we have no idea what it is.

NOTE: There is also something called DARK ENERGY which is not to be confused with DARK MATTER…

Dark matter does not absorb substantial electromagnetic radiation at any wavelength.

The question remains: All the stars and galaxies in the universe are flying away from each other at great speeds…will there be enough gravity to stop this expansion or will the universe continue to expand for ever and finally die having no more life-giving stars and galaxies.

Astrophysicist are asking if the mass of the dark matter will step in and stop the expansion recollecting the cosmos in to another big bang….it may take 50 billion years to find out the fate of the Universe.

However, if our Universe is just one of millions of other Universes, as some scientist speculate, then it really doesn’t mater if we lose an occasional hundred millions galaxies and trillions of stars it just keeps going on and on forever…Maybe…



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Hank Curci: The sun is a nuclear furnace converting the atom hydrogen into the atom helium via Einstein’s Energy Equation E=MC2 (C squared ).

December 24, 2016


A nuclear furnace

Hank Curci: The sun is a nuclear furnace converting the atom hydrogen into the atom helium via Einstein’s Energy Equation E=MC2 (C squared ).

Each time this reaction occurs, a nuclear particle is lost and the difference is made up in the form of energy or heat.

This nuclear reaction is so efficient that it takes eight billion years for all of the hydrogen in the sun to be converted to helium.

Unfortunately, a similar nuclear reaction was used to make the atomic bomb killing and maiming thousands of innocent people at one time.

The amount of fissionable nuclear material that was in the atomic bomb dropped on Japan was not much bigger than a garden pea, the tip of your little finger. 

Yet it was able to wipe out an entire city and instantly vaporize 70,000 people, men, women and children..a horror one hopes is never repeated…..

The nuclear furnace inside the sun, that gives us life, is operating on the same level of efficiency and so Is the Star Ship Enterprise in Star Trek..



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Hank Curci Writes…Multiple Big Bangs, Creating Multiple Universes..New Living DNA, New Physical Laws.      

December 23, 2016


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Creating Multiple Universes

At one time SCIFI writers always had a field day creating Parallel Universes.

Neighboring Universes with Green Monsters showing up destroying Mother Earth and all her evolved life including humans.

This notion of multiple big bangs was thought to be an absurd fantasy and there was only one big bang and before it there was nothing….


This is changing.

The current belief is now leaning towards multiple big bangs that will last for many billions of years then slowly begin to contract back in to one small energy packet.

This energy packet then explodes once again creating yet another Big Bang and another Universe where our current big bang is only one of billions of Big Bangs.

This multiple Big Bang process goes on forever each time creating a whole new universe .

Each time a  new universe is created a whole new set of physical laws is also created with it.

Physical Laws of which we in this Universe would have no idea what they are .

For Example, another universe may not have gravity where all matter is stuck together with electromagnetic energy and not gravity.

This all leads to having millions of universes that are all closed systems called bubbles.

Further, it is now thought that these bubbles crash into one another causing devastating destruction and we now think there is evidence showing cosmic scars from crashing universe bubbles.

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Nothing is forever, Planet Earth recycled back in to interstellar oblivion.. By Hank Curci, Senior Aerospace Engineer..

December 17, 2016


Interstellar Oblivion..

Our mighty star, the sun, will die some day and  beautiful little blue-green Planet Earth will die along with it.

Earth will become a burned out cinder wandering off to be recycled back in to interstellar oblivion, there will be no more songs coming from our garden home Planet Earth.

But, along the way to infinity, the ageless Universe gave us this magical gift of life, a Universe asking nothing in return except to enjoy the wonders…




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Wonderfully Engaging Adult and Children’s Outer Space Coloring Books.. Created By Hank Curci, Senior Aerospace Engineer..

December 4, 2016


Wonderfully Engaging Adult and Children’s Outer Space Coloring Books.. 

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Exceeding The Speed Of Light And The Space/Time Continuum Is Dangerous Stuff… By Hank Curci, SCIFI Ebook Author.

December 3, 2016



Go The Speed Of Light For Six Weeks and you will Come Back To Earth Only Six Weeks Older.

Your Baby Sister Who Was Only 5 Years Old When You Left On Your Six Weeks Tour At The Speed Of Light Will Be A Grand Mother Of Three Grown Children With A Great Grand Child On The Way…

You Of Course Will Come Back To Earth Six Weeks Older To A World Some Fifty Years In To The Future, A World Totally Unknown To You.

This All Sounds Like SCIFI But It’s Not..It’s Quite Real..

It Was Albert Einstein Who Gave Us This Stark Realization Of Time Disparagement And You Can See His Work Below…




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The Moon Is Destabilizing Planet Earth Cycling Away 1.5 Inches Per Year… Great Tidal Waves And Species Extinction Expected.. By Hank Curci, Senior Aerospace Engineer

November 29, 2016

The Moon Is Destabilizing Planet Earth



The Moon Is Destabilizing Planet Earth Cycling Away 1.5 Inches Per Year.

Great Tidal Waves And Species Extinction Expected.


In a few million years Moon will be gone and planet earth will undergo dramatic biological extinctions.

The earth will wobble on it’s 23 degree axis causing  great tidal waves and wild weather swings…


Hank Curci discusses the importance of having the moon in orbit about Planet Earth.

Without the moon we would not be here.

Planet Earth’s evolution would still be in the blue-green algae stage as was found some three billion years ago.

The early moon’s ( three billion years ago ) gravitational effect on Planet Earth caused huge oceanic tidal wave effects bringing to the surface many underground minerals whose chemistry contained the necessary organic properties to begin carbon based life as we find all around us today.

At that time the moon was orbiting some 50,000 miles away and hence the gravitational effect was much stronger than today where the moon is now 250,000 miles away.

The moon is moving away from us a few inches per year and in another million years it will be so far away as to be essentially non effective.

This will considerably change conditions on Planet Earth to the point where current life may not be able to survive the change and hence humans will have to adapt or perish in to the window of extinction. 

Hank Curci estimates that the natural Human Being will be gone by 2200AD via Self-Induced Extinction caused by the advent of synthetic genetics.

Hence these synthetic life forms consisting of computerized DNA will be genetically engineered to resist environmental changes.

Further, it is expected that by year 2250AD great cities will now be in orbit.

These Orbiting communities will be housing a general population of synthetic life forms offering protection from a destabilizing Planet Earth.

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Moon Is Destabilizing Planet Earth



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I lay in the midnight fields of clover looking at the profusion of twinkling stars and ask is there a life looking back at me… By Hank Curci, SCIFI Author

November 14, 2016





I lay in the midnight fields of clover looking at the profusion of twinkling stars and ask is there a life looking back at me.

A life born of cosmic violence same as Life On Planet Earth born some 4.5 billion years ago.

Hank Curci Has created life in the great Centauri Globular Star Cluster some 17,000 light years from beautiful blue green Planet Earth..


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